The Inclusion, Access, and Success committee works with educational partners statewide to identify needs of underrepresented populations. The Committee promotes and develops programs to educate the underrepresented students about post-secondary options and assist with the transition.

Freddy Miranda Access Scholarship - The Freddy Miranda Access Scholarship is awarded to three Iowa high school seniors, whose high schools and chosen colleges are members of Iowa ACAC. Freddy Miranda Access Scholarship recipients should embody some of the qualities which he possessed. Please consider whether the student is:  someone giving of their time, caring for others, with a desire to improve the world.  Details and nomination form.

Students may be nominated by a school counselor, teacher, administrator or school board member. Special consideration will be given to those from under-represented populations, first generation, or demonstrate financial need.

2018 L.E.A.P. ConferenceL.E.A.P. - Leading & Excelling, Academically & Professionally

A leadership conference for underrepresented freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in Iowa

L.E.A.P. will empower underrepresented students to understand the life-long rewards that come from achieving academic success and pursuing higher education. Participants will attend breakout sessions designed to encourage and equip students to focus on leadership, academics, work ethic, teamwork, the importance of being a positive role model, and positioning themselves for success in high school and beyond.

First Generation Film Documentary 

An exciting pilot program, First Generation is designed to raise awareness about some of the struggles first generation students may face throughout the college search process. First Generation follows the successes and failures of four first generation students as they attempt to navigate the college admissions process during their senior year.  Watch for details about future showings!


Inclusion, Access and Success Committee
Lauren Garcia, Chair, Center for Diversity & Enrichment, University of Iowa
LaDrina Wilson, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges
Lisa Nicole Smith, University of Northern Iowa
Ryan Williamson, Roosevelt High School
Debbie Lively, Mercy College of Health Sciences
Paul Breitbach, Iowa City West High School
Luc McAlpin, Wartburg College
Gabriel Hernandez Acosta, Mount Mercy University

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