Iowa ACAC 2017-2018 College Day/College Night Registration Procedures

egistration opportunities are closed. If you previously registered but want to make a change in your selections, email

Costs for attending fairs, based on the number selected, are:

In-State Institutions
2-5 fairs - $500
More than five (5) fairs - $550

Out-of-State Institutions
2-5 fairs - $650
More than 5 fairs - $750
One (1) fair - $250 (for instate or out-of-state)
A late fee of $300 will be automatically applied.


Important Reminders Regarding College Day/College Night Registration and Programs

  • The person who submits the online registration form is the main contact person. College fair site hosts will mail or e-mail all information to the person who submits the form. It is expected that this person will pass along information regarding fairs to staff attending the fair.
  • The person who submits the form should log in using THEIR username and password.
  • After the form is submitted, the person submitting the form will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please save it for your records and communicate with those who need to know the information.
  • Membership and listserv records are updated from the College Day/Night Registration form. Please make sure all names and e-mails are correct when submitted in the required fields. 
  • Institutions may only participate in programs originally contracted to attend. No exceptions will be made.
  • No provisions will be made for uninvited or unanticipated representatives.
  • Each institution must retain a copy of the signed contract and schedule for each representative who will represent the institution.
  • It is expected that all representatives will know and abide by the College Day/College Night Standards of Conduct for Representatives.
  • Attending institutions/organizations use scanners at the college fairs. Information on scanner usage.

Questions?  Please email with any questions!